Running or cycling through the Kroondomein? Only a few dare to do that

Only a few still sport on the grounds of the Kroondomein.
Only a few still sport on the grounds of the Kroondomein. © Omroep Gelderland
Public resistance about the closure of Kroondomein Het Loo is growing, but athletes who go there adhere to the rules. This is apparent from research by Omroep Gelderland.
Omroep Gelderland analyzed 1,400 activities of more than three hundred athletes from the area around the Kroondomein, in the week before and the first week after the closure on 15 September. For each activity, we determined whether it took place (partly) on the closed part of the Crown Estate.
This analysis shows that the three hundred athletes we looked at were good for 116 sports activities on the Kroondomein in the week prior to the closure. The week after closing, this happened only four times, a decrease of 97 percent. Despite the public debate, it is therefore clear that the vast majority of athletes adhere to the rules and do not cycle or run illegally on the Kroondomein.
The effect is also clearly visible on the map below, where the various activities are marked with blue lines. The orange areas are the parts of the Crown Estate that are no longer accessible since 15 September.
Slide the crown to the left or right to see the exact effect of the closure.
Justification: for this article, Omroep Gelderland analyzed the data of more than three hundred athletes who publicly share their activities on, a social network for athletes.

The results of this study provide a reliable picture of the percentage decrease of the number of athletes crossing the Kroondomein, but therefore says nothing about the actual number of people entering the Kroondomein illegally. The data of the athletes is processed anonymously and cannot be traced back to individual persons.