Katja Leendertz terug naar Nederland

Katja Leendertz terug naar Nederland
De 9-jarige Katja Leendertz uit Ede komt terug naar Nederland, maar onbekend is nog wanneer.
EDE - De 9-jarige Katja Leendertz uit Ede komt terug naar Nederland, maar onbekend is nog wanneer.
Dat zegt de Amerikaanse advocaat van haar vader.
Paul Leendertz, die in de VS woont, nam zijn dochter in mei vorig jaar mee vanaf een schoolplein in Ede. 
Rechters in de VS bepaalden vorige maand dat het meisje terug moet naar haar moeder en dat de vader in Nederland verder moet procederen. Volgens de advocaat van de vader wijst de moeder alle pogingen om en omgangsregeling te treffen af en stuurt ze aan strafzaak. 'Dat schaadt Katja's belangen', aldus de advocaat.

De verklaring van de advocaat staat hieronder:

I am writing to confirm that Mr. Leendertz will be returning Katja, and the details of the exact date and time have not been confirmed yet, and are being handled by Mr. Leendertz’ counsel in Holland. 
I trust that everyone will respect the family’s privacy at this time and move forward.  It is particularly troubling that Mrs. Leendertz has not permitted contact or encouraged a relationship between Katja and her father during the past five years, and we would like to find a solution so that Katja can continue to have a relationship with both parents, which she desperately needs.  Focusing on Katja’s best interests at this time should be everyone’s priority.  I have reached out to Mrs. Leendertz’ counsel here in the United States to find a solution, and to date, Mrs. Leendertz has refused to consider any contact.  This is truly disheartening, under the circumstances, since Mr. Leendertz has not and would never take such a position about contact between Katja and her mother.  The failure of Katja to maintain her relationship with her father will only hurt Katja more, so we implore Mrs. Leendertz to consider Katja’s interests in this manner.
Essentially, Mrs. Leendertz, in her refusal to request that no charges be brought against Mr. Leendertz, has placed a wall up to essentially preclude any contact between Mr. Leendertz and  Katja, and it appears indicative of the motives going forward, unfortunately.  We wish this could change for Katja, as Mr. Leendertz believes that as Katja matures and grows older, she will likely resent her mother’s actions in this regard, which only serves to further show the importance for Katja of being able to maintain a relationship with both parents.

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